Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Jobs in Saudi Arabia

This Blog I am writing for the Jobs seeker from India or any other Asian country, who are looking for a job in Saudi Arabia. I have been working in Saudi Arabia for last eleven years and more, so i know some way to find a Job here. This article could help you to find the way for job search.

if you really want to do a job in Saudi Arabia, its not an easy task or difficult task, why I am saying this? Because anything in this world depends on your caliber. Some work is difficult for some one and same is easy for others. So make sure you want a jump from India to Saudi Arabia for a Job and ready to take any problem that comes in your way.

Lets talk about the jobs:

If you are in india and need a job here in Saudi Arabia, you need to find a overseas consultant in Delhi or any other part of India or in your country. It’s not a difficult task these days to find a overseas consultant online.The internet is a job seeker’s most crucial tool to success today. Many consultant you will find in Rajendra Place, Cannaught Place, Bharat Nagar or any other place in Delhi. K.K overseas in Rajendra Place and Al-Hind Travel in Zakir Nagar (Okhla Village) is  Famous and many have got placement through them. Make at least 50 CV’s and distribute all 50 to consultants and I am dam sure you will find a Job in these 50 Distribution if you are skilled and confident.

Furthermore, I would suggest that you must be skilled in your jobs, then you can go for interview. Remember the things that correspondence and part time degrees not accepted by Saudi consulate for attestation and many profession are banned here for foreigners, like you can not do the Jobs of Cashier, Salesman at gold Retail Store and many more. In details, I will write more about the banned jobs here in Saudi Arabia for Foreigners.

If you want to find a jobs directly from Saudi employer, It’s possible but very few as you can search Jobs at categoriesed by city and jobs type, for Schools jobs you can send your CV’s directly to school, finding their email address at school website.

I gave you some Indian and other international school website name where they hire Indian Teachers.

1–      It’s an international School but offer very low Salary Packages, around 3000 SAR.

2– It’s a Indian international schools in Riyadh and other cities of Saudi Arabia and of course  very Famous among Indian community.

3– Dellhi Public School Riyadh is also famous but due to high fees structure for students not popular among Indian expatriates. , But offer good salary Package to employee, around 6000 SAR and other benefits.

4– It’s another Indian school and Managed by Kerala people. It is a good school and almost same like Indian International school.

There are other so many schools in Riyadh and other Parts of Saudi Arabia to find a good Jobs.

Other jobs you can find in Hospital as doctor, nurse and Lab Technician etc., but some specialization only reserve for Saudi national in medical (hospitals).

Above i explained the way how to get a jobs in Saudi Arabia. If you need any further details about any specific Job, you can send an email at or write in comment below.

Thanks all.

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