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Now the rumors on the way about 14.1 inch MackBook pro to appear in the spring when 13-inch was due for an update. But the current news is that 2020 MackBook pro on the sale. It featured no larger screen nor any design changes to speak of. One Twitter leaker says to expect the 14-inch to appear next year.

The @L0vetodream account has been on a bit of a tear with leaks and rumors in the last few months. Having correctly predicted the iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard and iPhone SE launches months ahead of plans, the anonymous account has released a tumult of information about various upcoming Apple products from game controllers to bezel-less Touch ID iPads.

At least based on his track record, the account’s “dreams” are really advance information of Apple’s latest product plans. We still need to wait for more of the predicted products to come to fruition to know for sure though.

Nevertheless, @L0vetodream tweeted that the 14-inch MacBook Pro is set for 2021.

Whilst Apple did not replace the 13-inch with a 14-inch redesign this spring like they did with the 15->16-inch MacBook Pro in the fall, the 14-inch laptop is still believed to be forthcoming. There had been some speculation that the laptop would ship later in 2020, perhaps with a 14-inch mini-LED display as a higher-end option. However, prospective customers may want to adjust their expectations assuming this leak is accurate and the machine is not set to arrive until next year.

The ‘new’ 13-inch MacBook Pro lacks most of the innovations that the 16-inch introduced, like improved speakers and microphones or the thinner bezels around the display. It really seems like Apple prioritized removing the butterfly keyboard from the lineup over all else. Outside of the keyboard change, the 13-inch MacBook Pro offered little more than a spec bump, and you only get new-generation CPUs on the $1799 and higher configurations. So, a bigger redesign in the form of a 14-inch form factor (which shouldn’t be bigger physically than the 13-inch due to the shrinking bezels) could easily supplant the 13-inch as soon as it is available. It just seems like that the transition is probably still a year away.

Note L0vetodream has previously predicted that Apple will revive the 12-inch MacBook next year, and it will be Apple’s first Mac to run on an Apple-designed ARM chip. That’s a whole separate chain of rumors that could start to see validation next month at WWDC; Apple may want to announce the architecture transition ahead of time to let developers get started on migrating their applications.

Ever since Apple discontinued the 15-inch MacBook Pro in favor of a new 16-inch model with slimmer bezels last year, the natural assumption has been that a 14-inch MacBook Pro will eventually replace the 13-inch model.

Apple ended up sticking with the same size display when it refreshed the 13-inch MacBook Pro with a Magic Keyboard and faster processor options earlier this month, but a 14-inch model might still be on the table, with the anonymously-run Twitter account “L0vetodream” today hinting at a 2021 release. No further details were provided.

The same Twitter account accurately revealed several details about the new iPhone SE before anyone else, including that the device would launch in the second week of April and come in three storage capacities. Likewise, the account accurately claimed that new iPad Pro models would launch in the third week of March.

Given that the 13-inch MacBook Pro is typically only updated once per year, a 2021 release would hardly be a surprise at this point, but it is noteworthy that Apple apparently still has a 14-inch model on its roadmap.

Apple famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has previously said that Apple plans to release at least six Mini-LED products by the end of 2021, including both 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models. All together, these rumors could suggest that a 14-inch MacBook Pro with Mini-LED backlighting will be released at some point next year.

So, wait for further update and enjoy the current market.

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