NEOM: A Robotic Mega City and an economic engine

City of Robots

Four of the world’s greatest pioneers met in Paris and shared a vision in 1989 — to create a place on earth where nothing would be impossible. If they saw plans for NEOM today, they’d be astounded. NEOM: A Robotic Mega city in Saudi Arabia.

NEOM is a region in northwest Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea being built from the ground up as a living laboratory — a place where entrepreneurship will chart the course for this New Future. A hub for innovation, entrepreneurs, business leaders and companies will come to NEOM to research, incubate and commercialize new technologies and enterprises in groundbreaking ways.

Good Climate

Long beaches, valleys and deserts cradled by mountains all located in northwest Saudi Arabia with breathtakingly diverse terrain, this unique geographical location enjoys a temperate climate. Cool winds from the Red Sea create the most desirable temperatures for future residents — on average around 10°C cooler than surrounding areas and the rest of the GCC.
There’s nowhere like this vast site. Spectacular, diverse terrain, sheltered by mountains and cooled by Red Sea breezes. A temperate Mediterranean climate. More than 450 km of coastline with beaches and coral reefs, as well as mountains up to 2,500m high.

The center of world trade

A strategic location on one of the world’s most prominent economic arteries will make NEOM a global hub for trade, innovation and knowledge. 40 percent of the world’s population will be able to reach NEOM in less than four hours.

NEOM is built on five fundamental

NEOM stands for what is truly exceptional and different, but is always intelligent, considered and conceived with true purpose. NEOM will be a place of high standards and the five principles ensure anything created within NEOM lives up to the ideal.


Sustainability is not an optional extra or an item on a checklist. It’s not even a duty. It will be the way of life in NEOM. We give back more than we take because we will leave this world in a better condition than we found every step forward means a better future for us all.


NEOM must have a distinctive sense of place and purpose. Setting the stage for neomians to create an ever-strengthening culture of difference, diversity and open-mindedness, Adaptable, inclusive and progressive. We encourage mutual respect and a lively exchange of ideas. So the brightest minds of our generation can focus on what really matters — living well together.


Innovation will happen faster than anywhere else. Giving people the perfect environment to conceive and develop technology that works seamlessly with society. Technology that’s simple, intuitive and enriches the human experience. Working in harmony with nature to enhance and empower people and serve humankind as a whole.


None of us are above nature. Our planet is our most precious treasure. It’s priceless and we will respect and protect it. NEOM leads the shift in attitude our world sorely needs. Nature must be entwined with all aspects of our lives. Respecting the natural balance and diversity of the unique life within NEOM. Always enhancing it for the next generation.


The environment we create, enriched with smart technology and the benefits that come from sustainability, will work to enhance all aspects of life — physical, mental and social. NEOM must offer an unrivalled quality of life. Setting the benchmark for the perfect living environment.

Future energy system

NEOM will build a 100% renewable energy system and deliver world-class customer experience. It will develop a smart transmission and distribution network with the latest and most advanced technologies. We will strive to become the world’s leader in commercializing clean energy intensive industries, such as green hydrogen.

The world’s best water technology

Using water in a sustainable manner is a key component of NEOM’s livability goals. NEOM’s water will be 100% desalinated using renewable energy to ensure zero CO2 emissions, and zero brine effluent discharge to preserve the natural environment. Full seawater processing will produce minerals and chemicals from the brine.

All wastewater in NEOM will be fully processed to generate energy, fertilizer and reusable fresh water for irrigation. This will achieve zero waste and a full circular economy for water and wastewater.

Seamless connectivity and sustainable transport

NEOM will develop innovative high-speed transit and on-demand shared mobility, enabled by autonomous solutions and ubiquitous digital infrastructure. The livability of our urban environments will prioritize walking, cycling and personal electric mobility devices. These will be on an urban scale, enhanced by access to high-speed public transit services connecting all neighborhoods.

State-of-the-art technologies

NEOM’s approach to innovation spans not only nanotechnology but also 3D printing, sensors, IoT devices, electrical vehicles, robotics, renewables and much more. Since NEOM starts from a clean slate, we will advance the processes underpinning these innovations by embracing advanced manufacturing systems with integrated and tech-enabled logistics and supply chain networks. This is all supported by an unrivalled R&D ecosystem. Like no other location, NEOM will have the chance to test and refine these boundaries as they develop, in real time.

Digital health technologies

A network of global experts and distinctive centers of excellence will rapidly adopt best practices, providing high-end medical treatment, complemented by the comprehensive wellness services offered at medical resorts. By harnessing the latest industry thinking and medical innovation, our unique design will ensure high quality of life for residents and visitors, while also attracting medical tourists seeking first-class medical treatment.

Future of technology

NEOM will create the best, most conducive environment for innovation in technology and digital. Investors, inventors and leading tech organizations will enjoy a world-first opportunity — to use NEOM as a region wide living lab for innovation and create future-proof technologies with valuable and scalable intellectual property.


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